CPGE Journals

The Center for Promoting Global Education (CPGE) publishes a variety of Journals on monthly special issues in both printed and online publications through peer reviews of our versatile social think-tank professionals and academics devoted to enhance education and research globally in the field of current and future research issues of all forms of business with social objectives in the national and international social change movement or undertake activities for social purpose of the real economy in the competitive environment concentrate on the economic, trade, business, science and development issues facing the world, leaving some of the political issues to making the world a better place. The Journals are namely:

  1. International Journal of Social Business (IJSB)
  2. International Journal of Business Science & Society (IJBSS)
  3. International Journal of Business & Society (IJBS)
  4. International Journal of Society & Economics (IJSE)
  5. International Journal of Business Science (IJBS)
  6. International Journal of Business & Economics Cases (IJBEC)
  7. International Journal of Business & Economics (IJBE)
  8. International Journal of PHD Research Proposal Compendium (IJPRPC)
  9. International Journal of Young Learners (IJYL)